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As a full-service marketing agency, Maison De Idea offers our clients an all-in-one packaged solution for events and promoters management.

Our full suite of services includes:

Ideation & Strategizing

We conduct in-depth study of your brand in order to conceptualize the best marketing and campaign ideas for your company to expand your market share and strengthen your brand's presence.

In-house Fabrication

With our own team of designers and engineers, we are capable of designing and fabricating merchandise, props and sales booth sets for roadshows and events based on your unique requirements.


Our warehouse facility enables your company to store your merchandise, promotional materials and props so that you can pick and pack for convenience and easy monitoring, Timely delivery to event sites is also made possible with our own fleet of transportation.

Promoter Management

We handle the hiring of full time, weekend and roadshow/event promoters. These promoters will go through training modules tailored to showcase your brand. Our team also manages field deployment, promoter supervision, sales monitoring and payroll.

Event Execution

For your total peace of mind, we can plan and coordinate your company's roadshows and exhibitions from start to finish including logistics and set-up services. We also provide progress reports and market insights analysis for each event.

Leave the promoter management work to us.
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